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Creating a brand for growth


Client: Acumentice


Project: Brand Refresh


Agency: © Seedhouse Creative 


Acumentice has ambitions to create a brand for growth by reaching more organisations and Trusts. Currently, they work with 2-4 organisations at any one time. The strategy is to grow the core team with a view to doubling its consultancy output to c.8 organisations. Geographically the focus will be to remain within the South East of England and leverage existing relationships through word of mouth.  


There is also a drive to cement its reputation as ‘experts’ around elective care improvement programs by publishing articles and case studies broadcasting the great work they do. There is also a desire to be associated with the COVID-19 backlog and recovery phase as the go-to providers for solutions over the next 18 months. 

Longer-term the organisation wants to build brand recognition as the thought-leaders in consultancy, recovery, project management, digital transformation, and training. Sustainability is at the heart of what Acumentice do as they strive to develop and nurture long-term relationships which promotes brand advocacy.


Back in the summer, Seedhouse worked closely with Acumentice to produce a brand that aligned with their ambitions for growth. The initial brief was to tidy up the existing brand but following a lengthy brand workshop it was decided to refresh the brand with a more contemporary look and feel.

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