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Creating a brand to improve patient care


Client: Qubit


Project: Brand Creation


Agency: © Seedhouse Creative 


The primary short term objective of Qubit is to aid the COVID-19 recovery phase. All Trusts are held to account on performance levels and waiting times. Due to COVID-19, this challenge coupled with the political and economic backdrop will increase the demands and pressure already put on a strained system. With that in mind, there has never been a greater need than now for Qubit’s forward-thinking software solutions.  


The main sector focus is the acute care and secondary care sector with the view to eventually roll out across the UK in the long-term. The strategy for growth has yet to be decided. However, with 288 Trust across the country, the opportunity is huge. Bringing a small section of these hospital admin systems in-line with the 4.0 revolution (NHS Integration Strategy) will improve patient outcomes and reduce pressure on the NHS.


Seedhouse was challenged to produce a slick and sharp contemporary brand. The output gave the credibility that Qubit needed to convince the risk-averse and skeptics within Trusts, NHS E.I., and CCG’s that Qubit is a game-changing enterprise at all levels.

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