Navigating the modern world

Day-by-day the digital world grows faster and faster, in a whirlwind of information, services... and a tsunami of social media posts. Popular channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and WhatsApp bulge at the seems as binary code swells like a deluge.

Ka-BOOm, my head hurts!!


Across the breadth of channels, we are bombarded with adverts, posts, news updates and emails with the sole purpose of trying to communicate. Words and pictures carefully crafted and fused together, tantalizingly trying to sell us something, update us. The latest trends, interesting articles, blogs post, gadgets, recipes, dating profiles, health and wealth advice, music, entertainment news, views and interesting things from the arts can leave us enriched, inspired, emotionally drained and usually a little confused.


No wonder modern homosapiens walk around in a constantly distracted haze struggling to filter salient information. The modern world is tough and at times frustrating but with every technological and social advancement, we slowly edge towards a fundamentally better existence as both financial and emotional wealth increase. 


Go further with less


At Seedhouse Creative we understand the world is more complex than yesteryear. We also understand the demands put on Marketing Managers, CEOs, Managing Directors, business owners, and startups as budgets are continuously stretched and expected to go further and further.


At Seedhouse Creative we deliver added value and bang for your buck as a designer-led agency.


With decades of experience across multiple sectors, we can produce cost-effective design and creative solutions that generate impact and resonate with customers and businesses. We understand that creative campaigns and collateral need to cut through the noise of today's world and work harder than ever before in both print and digital across multiple channels.

Collaboration and working together


We believe in mutually beneficial relationships that foster results and we pride ourselves on our ability to be adept and agile – slotting in and engaging at any stage of a marketing campaign or brand journey. We have the expertise to build brands as well as work with existing ones in the capacity as brand guardians. 



Design Agency Swindon 


At Seedhouse, we have that BIG creative agency thinking minus the egos. We have a wealth of experience in Creative Ideation, Branding, Graphic Design, Websites, Digital and Print Design. We are versatile, adept and more importantly, we listen.


Based 8 miles North of Swindon Seedhouse Creative is a Design and Branding Agency that is perfectly situated between Cheltenham, Bristol, and Cirencester at the heart of the Cotswolds. Road links allow for easy access to any major city or town in the South West, Bristol and Bath are only 40 minutes away, London is just 2 hours away in the car and 40 minutes on the train. 


Listed below are the main services we offer – if you would like to take your creative campaigns to the next level then give Seedhouse a call.


Branding workshops
Brand strategy

Brand vision


Messaging & language

Internal engagement

Brand guardianship

Graphic & motion design


Digital workshops
Digital strategy

Web design & development


Digital product development

Rapid prototyping

User experience design

Email marketing

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